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The Plympton Public Library provides public access to the internet, and 5 computers are available for public use. The Library provides workstations in highly visible, public areas, which the staff may oversee. The Library staff will be available to answer basic questions regarding internet usage, so please ask if you need assistance. We attempt to provide confidentiality for our patrons with security software, but please keep in mind that private e-mail communication or accessed sites may be accessible to others. In order to track usage of our resources, we ask all patrons to sign-in when using a computer. A sign in sheet is located at each public computer.
Resources available on the internet may contain materials of a controversial nature.

• The Plympton Public Library does not monitor or control the accessed information for either accuracy or content.
• The Plympton Public Library does not filter internet resources. The staff is not responsible for the information access on public computers.
• Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the internet while at the Library.

For a full copy of the internet safety policy, please contact us or call the Library at 781-585-4551



The Plympton Public Library provides a photocopier for public use, primarily to facilitate using non-circulating materials such as reference books, magazines, newspapers, and local history material.
• Fees for the copier are established by the Board of Library Trustees and are reviewed periodically. Copies are currently 10 cents per page.
• Photocopiers are self-service and, with the exception of assisting disabled patrons, staff are not available to make photocopies.
• Patrons using the photocopier must adhere to the U.S. Copyright Law when copying materials subject to copyright.
• Staff will not knowingly violate copyright law when assisting with the copier.
• The Library attempts to maintain its equipment in good working order. Copies are for convenience only and those seeking printing quality copies should visit a local printing business.
• The Library will reimburse only for the first copier malfunction or poor quality copy.



The Library offers faxing capabilities to the public via equipment housed in the Director’s office
Library staff will process fax pages for individuals according to the following policy:
• Rates to send or receive a FAX are assessed at $1.00 per page
• Patrons must be present to send or receive a FAX.
• Checks should be made out to Plympton Public Library


Plympton Public Library

248 Main Street
Plympton, MA 02367
Phone: (781) 585-4551
Fax: 781-585-7660

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